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At the end of march, hanfa group attended the Uzbekistan international mining exhibition

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2019/04/09 15:59
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From March 27 to March 29,HANFA group participated in the Uzbekistan international mining exhibition.During the exhibition, the number of rig orders hit new highs.
As one of the leading rig manufacturers in China, hanfa group has attracted the attention of many exhibitors.
Next let xiaobian take you back to the exhibition, to feel the scene of the warm atmosphere!

The visitors came in an endless stream.

HANFA always emphasizes the development concept of "winning with quality" and dedicates 6%-8% of sales revenue to research and development every year to upgrade products to world-class level.In the past three days, we have reached several intentions of ordering drilling RIGS according to customers' demands.

There are a lot of signed a continuous, can not stop ~


Uzbekistan TV also recorded the han development meeting and interviewed manager li of hanfa, and made a careful and careful promotion of the product business scope of hanfa group.

  • Manager li of hanfa group is explaining HFPV-1 Pile Driver For Photovoltaic Solar Power Station to customers


Many orders were signed on the first day of the exhibition, and the sales volume of the products was far ahead among the exhibitors on that day.