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HFJ300C Crawler Type Water Well Drilling Rig And Screw Air Compressor Sent To Djibouti

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2020/11/19 14:27
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On November 19, Hanfa Group ushered in the delivery date again, and a HFJ300C crawler water well drilling rig and a screw air compressor were sent to Djibouti. The customer is a distributor in Djibouti. At first, he was more interested in our drill bits, and kept asking for details and quotations about the drill bits. Later, in early July, the customer received an order. One of his customers urgently needed water well drilling rigs to drill wells, and then asked our engineers about the details of water well drilling rigs. Our engineers introduced the advantages and application fields of HFJ300C crawler water well drilling rig to customers in detail, and then sent some construction drawings of the machines around the world. The customers expressed their satisfaction and the cooperation was very happy!

1. Drilling depth can reach 300m.

2. Steels quality is good, torque is large.

3. Easy operation, free-maintaining.

4. For various complex stratum, such as pebble bed, aggregate bed.

5. Saving money, compact construction, easy moving.

6. Applicable to industry, residents drilling, ground drilling, large diameter, deep drilling, footage fast, flexible and efficient.