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Gathering together, stimulating youth!

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2018/11/05 11:24
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In order to adjust the work pressure, create a passionate, responsible, happy working atmosphere, so that everyone can better invest in the next work. Our company specially organized the overseas marketing department's group building activities, which is designed to enrich the staff's spare time, further strengthen the team cohesiveness, enhance the unity and cooperation ability among the teams, better serve the merchants and customers service.

On the morning of November 3, 2018, we took a bus from Zhengzhou to Jiaozuo Yuntai Mountain Scenic Area to experience the joy of mountains and rivers, the tranquility of mountains and rivers, and the wonders of nature.

A crystal stream 

Arrive at the scenic spot, we started our mountaineering trip, deafening waterfall sound, slow stream sound, cheerful birdsong....Being in the mountains, away from the city's noisy, create a special flavour. In the process of climbing, colleagues were like family members, helping each other, sharing with each other, great atmosphere make the relationship between employees more intimately. In the evening, our team organized a night tour of Yuntaishan to watch the colorful and beautiful lighting performances, the sound-beauty fountain: (to relieve stress), the meteor long road, the underwater world, etc, it seemed as if we swam in the fairyland, employees got a spiritual release, spiritual satisfaction, joy and excitement.

The sun went through the mountain

Continuous mountains

This group building activity strengthened the communication and collaboration between employees, and also let everyone deeply understand that the strength of one person is limited, the strength of a team is indestructible, and the success of a team requires the joint efforts of each members!

  A beautiful view of the lake

  Yunxi valley

As the saying goes, monofilament is not a line, and a single tree is not a forest! The same piece of iron can be cut and melted, or it can be made into steel. The same team can do nothing, and can also achieve great cause. There are various roles in a team. Everyone is looking for their position, because there is no perfect individual, only the perfect team!

  Hanfa Elite team

Hanfa Elite team

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