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Hanfa group 2018 annual appreciation conference!

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2019/01/21 13:44
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On January 19th, 2019, the annual appreciation party of Hanfa Group was successfully held in Yishang hotel, high-tech zone,zhengzhou , henan province. Friends from all over the world gathered together to witness the growth of Hanfa in 2018.

Mr. Guo guang, chairman of Hanfa Group, made a speech to welcome our friends who come from afar ,At the meeting, Mr. Guo guang praised the company's performance in 2018, The success of hanfa group can not be achieved without the hard work of every employee and the support of our partners. Hanfa always adheres to the integrity, pragmatic, dedicated, and the idea of gratitude, the realisation of earnest, rigorous, pragmatic and efficient work style, adhering to the customer first, win-win cooperation, continuous innovation, learning progress of core values, and strive to become the most influential international service enterprise, finally Mr. Guo guang offer our congratulations and best wishes for the presence of every guest.

The next process of the annual meeting ,the general manager of Hanfa group,Mr. Li jiangshan, made a summary speech on the achievements made in 2018 and the problems existing in the growth process of the enterprise. The sales volume of Hanfa group in 2018 has almost doubled compared with 2017. In 2018, Hanfa group will improve product quality control to a higher level. In 2018, hanfa group has almost no complaints from buyers due to product quality problems, indicating that the quality control system of hanfa products has reached the advanced level in China.In 2018, hanfa group will continue to strengthen online and offline promotion, actively participate in domestic and foreign exhibitions, and visit overseas customers of Hanfa group. The service of hanfa group has been praised by a large number of customers, and customer satisfaction has been improved.In the meeting, general manager Li made a prospect for hanfa in 2019. In 2019, Hanfa group will continue to establish and improve the quality control system and strive to become a world-class quality management system.In 2019, Hanfa will strengthen the introduction of strategic talents, improve the system of "selection, education, application and retention" of employees, For more than twenty years since Hanfa group started its business, it has been adhering to the overall idea of hard work, innovation, market segmentation and steady development, gathering industry elites online, learning from recent industry experience, attaching importance to management accumulation, science and technology, and building a talent training and training system.

The outstanding performance of hanfa group in 2018 is also inseparable from the outstanding employees who have contributed to the development of hanfa. At the meeting, Hanfa group presented awards to excellent teams and individuals for their outstanding contributions to the development of Hanfa, inspiring them to make joint efforts to achieve new breakthroughs in the company's performance in 2019.

Finally,the hosts interact and play lottery game with guests. Hanfa group staffs showed their talents, such as dance, drama, song, guitar playing, Excellent performance by the staff won cheers from the guests on the spot. The game"I'm a singer" lit the enthusiasm of the children at the scene, in order to get favorite gift children actively go to stage Interacting with the host, the scene is permeated with cheerful atmosphere.At the meeting, hanfa group also prepared lucky awards for the guests. The third prize, the second prize, the first prize and the special prize were selected successively. Award-winning guests expressed their thanks for the gifts which prepared carefully.

With the full implementation of China's One Belt And One Road policy, the enterprises also undered in high-speed development opportunities.Faced with an explosive market opportunity, Hanfa group will continue to carry forward the spirit of the best, continuously improve product quality and product service ability, we will continue to support the prosperity and development of Chinese enterprises. Warm the society with sincere heart and give back to the society.