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HF168A rotary drilling rig

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1.Low price,with the same funtion,our price is a quarter of similar products' in the market,on the other hand,we have lower rate of depreciation.

2.Low cost production,helped by excellent energy saving design.We have the best fuel economy than other companies and reduce construction cost greatly.Normal soil condition with around 12-16 liters per hour.

3.Low cost maintenance.Considering maintenance cost,we use most components of high quality and low price in the market.Mainparts of products in dependent research ,so the maintenance cost is low.

4.Multi fuctions use.Upto thirty percent faster than static pressing pilling machine,convenient loading and unloading,free conversion of three models and easy to transportation.

5.Simple operation,wide practicability.Using integrated hand control,and movements has a corresponding display in the dashboard,as plain as print,simple operation .In addition,equipment can suit not only large infrastructure construction,but also can general building.

6.Simple transportation and installation,Using former-type mast,when transportion drop forward,then fold or indented and onto flat truck directly.Adopting unique design of mast,power head and forehead,easily loading onto flat truck with main machine.

7.Compact structrue,saving space.Due to the special design of mast,great improve on drilling bucket,unloaded soil space greater,quantity of unloaded soil become more,save operate space and time.




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Technology Data HF168A
Drilling diameter mm 600-1600
Max. drilling depth m 44/56
Overall measurement Working dimentions mm 7630X3710X18572
Transport dimentions mm 15189X2910X3173
Rotary drive torque KNm 80/165
Rotation speed rpm 24/12
Crowd cylinder Max. push KN 150
Max. pull KN 100
Max. stroke mm 3000
Main winch Max. line pull KN 120
Max line speed m/min 70
Auxiliary winch Max. line pull KN 60
Max line speed m/min 50
Engine Rated power KW 133
type B5.9-C Cummins (U.S.A)
Electronic Managagement System Long distance monitor system Available
Drilling record system Available
On car printer Available
Hydraulic system pressure bar 300
Chassis Chassis modality Fixation
Max. travel speed km/h 2.0km/h
Min ground clearance mm 500
Track width mm 700
Mast inclination Free adjustment forwards / backwards 0-93°
Free adjustment left / right wards ±3°
Machine Weight kg 38500


Bore Depth: 44/56m

Borehole Diameter: 600-1600mm

Engine Power: 133kw

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