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HFG-33J Jumbo Drilling Rig

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Work coverage up to 168 m²

Large tunnel and mining drilling jumbo with direct control,equipped with three heavy duty booms & eagle type high boom base, greatly increasing working coverage. Multiple drifter models used for this machine to meet various needs of customers.


1. Drifter

The dual buffering HF103 /HF 104 rock drill drifter for the best service life of drill tools.

and lubricating all gear connections to reduce inner pollution of the drifter.

2. Hydraulic feed beam

Heavy duty aluminum alloy feed beam with long service life and high tolerance to bending and distortion.

covered by stainless steel wrapper and lined by synthetic wear resistant pads between moving parts.

3. Chassis

Articulated heavy duty chassis, 4 wheels drive.

Driven by six cylinder diesel engine with low exhaust emission 

Four hydraulic support legs keeping the jumbo stable.

4. Drilling system

Drilling auto control system, with auto collaring & rotation pressure controlling feed, feed pressure controlling percussion & auto anti-jamming.

HANFA unique hole bottom flushing system for cleaner holes.

5. Hydraulic boom

Box type heavy duty boom with multiple coordination to realize precise hydraulic all direction parallel holding.


FOPS with height adjustable safety canopy.

Cable reel

Electric driven reciprocal compressor

Electric pressurized water pump

LED working lights


Side view

Work coverage

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  HF 103 HF 104
Shank R32 / R38 / T38 R32 / R38 / T38
Jumbo top to rotation unit center 88 mm 88 mm
Length ( shank excluded ) 1,008 mm 1,008 mm
Percussion power 15 kW 20 kW
Percussion frequency 60 Hz 60 Hz
Hydraulic system pressure 200 bar 200 bar
Rotation system Independent rotation Independent rotation
Rotation speed 0 - 388 rpm 0 - 388 rpm
Rotation torque ( Max. ) 640 Nm 752 Nm
Air consumption for lubrication ( at 2 bar ) 6 L / s 6 L / s
Water consumption 0.7 - 2 L / min 0.7 - 2 L / min
Weight 160 kg 170 kg
Feed beam
Total length 7,100 mm 7,700 mm 8,000 mm
Rod / pipe length 5,530 mm 6,100 mm 6,400 mm
Hole depth 5,268 mm 5,843 mm 6,140 mm
Feed force 20.0 kN 20.0 kN 20.0 kN
Feed extension 1,800 mm
Boom extension 1,600 mm
Parallel holding Total
Feed beam roll over 360°
Boom lifting angle ( Max. ) + 70° / - 30°
Boom swing angle ( Max. ) ± 45°
Boom weight 3,000 kg
Electric system
Total power 200 kW
Main electric motor 3 x 55 kW
Voltage 380 V
Frequency 50 – 60 Hz
Starting mode Star / delta
Electric motor overload protection  
Digital voltmeter / Amp meter / Percussion counter  
Phase-sequence indicator  
Grounding shock protector  
Battery charger  
LED work lamps  
Cable reel limit switch  
Hydraulic system
Hydraulic pump set Three independent systems, each boom with one system
Pump unloading start  
Max. system pressure 210 bar
Hydraulic oil tank capacity ( Max. / Min. ) 755 / 470 L
Low oil level indicator  
Oil temperature. gauge  
Electric refuel pump  
Mineral base hydraulic oil  
Air system
Screw air compressor
Max. F.A.D ( at 7 bar ) 15.7 L / s
Electric motor 7.5 kW
Air pressure gauge  
Water system
Electric pressurized water pump  
Max. flow ( pressurized at 17 bar ) 300 L / min
Min. water inlet pressure 2 bar
Electric motor 15 kW
Water pressure gauge  
Diesel engine Cummins
Rated engine power ( @ 2,300 rpm ) 173 kW
Torque output ( @ 1,500 rpm ) 907 Nm
Four wheel drive
Static hydraulic power steering system
Front axle manual differential lock
Tire 14.00 x R 24
Approach angle & departure angle 15°
Front hydraulic support leg 2, extendable
Rear hydraulic support leg 2
driving brake 2 independent loops
Emergency stop & parking brake SAHR
Fuel tank capacity 150 L
Electric system 24 V
Battery 2 x 125 Ah
Tramming lights 8 x 70 W
Ladder lights on driving platform 2 x 70 W
Climbility under max. load 1:4
Signal light &backup alarm
Manual throttle cable
Fire extinguisher
Drill Rods
Specifications ( mm ) Min. hole range
R32 Speed rod 51
T38 Speed rod 64
Thread( mm ) Diameter Length
R32 38 525
R38 38 525
Thread(mm) Diameter Length
R38 55 170
T38 55 190


Hole depth: 5268/5843/6140mm

Feed Force: 20KN

Percussion Frequency: 60 Hz

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