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HFJ21 Hydraulic Tunneling Jumbo Drilling Rig

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The Main Features:

Applicable for blast hole drilling of underground mining, tunneling and bolting operation.

Function Configuration:

Equipped with environment friendly diesel engine to drive tramming and positioning, electrical motor to drive drilling operation, the dual power configuration allows the rig for fast maneuverability and zero emission with very low noise level of drilling operation. The rig is also equipped with high efficiency hydraulic drifter and heavy duty floating and steady combo boom drilling system, with high accurate automatic horizontal positioning and 360 rotating function, which allows the rig to finish 35 m2 face drilling coverage in one operation and also can be used for bolting and many other applications.


With high pressure and closed cycle hydraulic system to drive four wheels, for two speed transmission while moving forward and backward. With engine non stop when overloaded and climbing slopes, the rig will automatically adjust to lower speed with higher torque output. The two loop circuitry pedal braking system plus emergency braking device can ensure tramming safety. With only width of 1.65 m of ultra-narrow articulated heavy duty chassis design, the minimum turning radius is 2.8m with 14 degree climbility and tramming speed up to 12 km/h and the rig aims to drill blast holes in underground mines and tunneling excavation as well as bolting operation with professional narrow design in mind.

Control System:

With automatic hole collaring and percussion shutdown function after the drilling procedure completed plus 3 seconds delay to flush the hole bottom, the rig returns automatically to start mode. With AUTO shutdown protection function of the drifter and the rock drill tools, the rig will lubricate the drifter when rock drilling idle and when water flushing on. Advanced combo automatic anti-jamming system can adjust the rotation, feed and percussion pressure automatically according to the rock condition to ensure rock drilling operation always in optimum mode.

Intelligent Technology:

With CAN technology, modular layout of all electric system, and simplified circuitry increase reliability. The display panel in the canopy shows all drilling parameters and running state of the rig with automatic alarms and warnings, and data storage, to allow one man operation easy and trouble shootings simplified.

Product Features:

1.Feed: Heavy duty aluminum alloy feed beam with high anti-bending and torsion-resistant features and high corrosion proof assures long beam service life. The beam surface also is wrapped with stainless steel sheet and PTFE anti-wear lining applied between moving parts to further increase service life of the feed system.

2.Rock Drill: HF104M drifter with dual-damping system ensures best rock drilling tools service life. Pressurized oil film protects and lubricates all moving parts surface, decreasing interior wear of the drifter.

3.Safety Canopy: FOPS design for falling objects protection with lifting feature.

4.Large-capacity Cable Reel: Larger-capacity cable reel for 70 m travel without cable disassemble.

5.Positioning legs: Four heavy duty telescopic hydraulic legs for precise positioning and stability during drilling operation.

6.Console: Highly integrated System and one place layout design for easier, simpler and more convenient operation.

7. Braking system: Designed and developed specially for underground work environment - the dual braking system, besides front and rear axle wheel wet brakes, with front axle spindle wet brakes and rear axle closed hydraulic parking brakes and emergency shutdown brake added.

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HFJ21 Technical Specifications
Hole range 41-89 mm Rod size (R32, R38,T38) 3090 mm/3700 mm/4310 mm
Drilling depth 2830 mm/3440 mm/4050 mm Maximum working area 35 m²
model HF104M Hydraulic System Pressure 230 bar
Percussion Power 20 kw Rotation Speed 0-388 rpm
Maximum Torque 752 N.m Weight 170 kg
Percussion Frequency 60 Hz



Pressure 8 bar Capacity F.A.D 0.3 m³/min
Electric Motor
Model GN13081501 Frequency 50 Hz
Power 55 kw Votage 380 V
RPM 1475 r/min  




Feed Mechanism
Total Length 4890 mm/5500 mm/6110 mm Compensated Feeding length 1600 mm
Feeding length 2830 mm/3440 mm/4050 mm Maximum Lifting Force 15 kn/19 kn
Parallel holding Complete Feed Swing Angle ±40°
Boom Extension 1200 mm Feed Pitch Angle +25°/-48°
Boom Swing Angle ±35° Feed Angle +3°/-90°
Boom Lifting Angle +43°/-20° Feed roll-over 360°(Spiral)
Articulated Steering Angle ±41° Approach and Departure Angles 15°
Hydraulic Support Legs 4 Fuel Tank Capacity 63 L
Model 4BTA3.9-C80-Ⅱ(Cummins) RPM 2200 r/min
Power 60 kw/(at 2200rpm) Torque 380 N.m/(at 1500rpm)
Tramming Speed 12/4.5 km/h Rear Axle Swing Angle ±10°
Maximum Traction Force 32 kn Ground Clearance 260 mm
Climbing Angle 14°  




Electric System
Start Type Star / delta unloading start Working Lights 2x40 W,24 V
Voltage 380 V Tramming Lights 8x70 W,24 V
Battery 2x12 V,105 Ah Cable Reel, Diameter 1100 mm
Water Flushing System
Flow 66 L/min Minimum Water Inlet Pressure 2 bar
Pressure 12 bar    
Weight and Dimensions
Weight ≤121700 kg Tramming Turning Radius Inner R 2800 mm,Outer R 4900 mm
Dimensions ( L x W x H) 10920mmx1650 mmx2100 mm/2800 mm Working Coverage Area : Width x Height 6600 mmx5670 mm(5600 mmx5390 mm)


Hole depth: 2830/3440/4050mm

Work coverage: 35m²

Engine power: 55kw

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