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HFJ-17 Borehole Camera

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►Main use and characteristics

360-degree rotary downhole is a system that is specially designed for engineering hydrogeology, observing various anomalies and defects in various observation piles of geological bodies in boreholes, well maintenance, detection of cracks in the borehole wall, misalignment, downfalling, filtration Water pipe hole blockage and flow sand position and so on, and is suitable for oil field, geological frozen hole, geological prospecting, geotechnical engineering, engineering quality inspection and other related industries.

►Main Feature

1. Super high resolution color picture

2. Low light operation

3. Led underwater light

4. Stainless steel housing

5. Military grade water tightness cable

6. Ability to attach up to deep place and stand large pressure of water.


1.The main control box adopts 12V direct current, 220V AC as the working power, the whole power consumption is only 20W

2.Lightweight: electric winch with automatic brake device, compact structure, compact size, durable

3.360 degrees rotating probe with stainless steel material, the design is very clever, excellent waterproof performance, high pressure, high temperature

4.stable and reliable: the system uses high-quality devices and curing program module, a large number of components to reduce the use of separation, thereby improving the system stability and reliability

5.360 degrees rotating probe rear 18-24 high-quality, high-power lamp beads, the probe can be based on the surrounding environment, intelligent dimming, LED lights with cold light source, low light quality and other characteristics

6.360 degrees rotating probe with stainless steel material, the camera can be vertical down to observe, can be rotated 360 degrees round, you can stop at any time to observe the details of a certain situation. After the field pressure test, the probe pressure up to 25 MPa, can be dive to the depth of 3000m of water, no water, water seepage, high temperature probe, high quality excellent steel glass, the lens is not easy to break

100 meters, 200 meters, 300 meters, 500 meters, 600 meters, 800 meters, 1000 meters, 1200 meters, 1500 meters, 2000 meters, the distance between the meters.


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1.Underwater probe camera with Sony 1/3 Sony industrial wide dynamic high-speed camera

2.Resolution (horizontal center) 1200 lines (1200TVL)

3.Signal format: PAL

4.Minimum illumination: 0.001LUX / F1.2

5.white horizontal way: automatically open

6.Backlight compensation method: High brightness backlight compensation (HLC)

7.Operating voltage: DC12V ± 5%



Probe: Sony High-speed Camera

Resolution: 1200 lines 

Operating voltage: DC12V ± 5%

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