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HFA500 Anchor Drilling Machine

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HFA-500 crawler mounted anchor drilling machine is our company’s production of a mechanical drive, hydraulic feed, crawler walking, dedicated to engineering, anchor construction work, applied in water well drilling, the dam grouting, pile foundation engineering drilling hole, also can be used for the surface and tunnel ventilation and drainage engineering construction, diamond drilling and carbide drilling was carried out on the solid deposit.Reserve the installation space of the winder to realize the different needs of engineering and geological drilling. The power system can be equipped with electric motor or diesel engine according to the user's order.

The HFA-500 crawler mounted drill rig is compared with the same type of drilling rig with the following main features:

1.It can satisfy the need of engineering drilling hole drilling and satisfy the need of geological drilling hole drilling.;

2. The hydraulic drive the crawler is self-propelled, and it is easy to move forward, backward and move on work site.

3. The speed range is scientific and reasonable, with a range of up to 8 grade, ranging from 64 r/min to 1200 r/m;

4. Using oil-immersed multi-plate friction clutch, it has the characteristics of overload protection, stable operation, reliable operation, convenient operation, long life, etc.

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Parameter horizontal drilling Use dia.150mm spiral drill pipe 40m.
Reference Drilling depth Use dia.50mm drill rod 500m
Drilling angle 0-360º
Dimensions (L×W×H) 2235×1700×1700mm
Track speed 2-3km/h
Total weight 1680kg
gyrator Electric Motor speed 1470r/min; vertical spindle speed r/min. foreward 64、110、174、271、550、870、1200r/min
reversal 50、337r/min
Spindle stroke 600mm
Spindle lifting capacity 60KN
Spindle Maximum pressure capacity 40KN
dynamical system power 22KN
rotate speed 1470r/min
Gear pump model 2BY2050-2TR
displacement 50.32ml/r
rated pressure 16Mpa
Rated speed 2000r/min
crawler belt rated pressure 16Mpa Rated output speed 40r/min
Max Pressure 20Mpa Max Speed 60r/min
climbing capacity 30º retarding torque ≥6000N.m
Maximum tractive force 5100N.m Hydraulic motor model BM6-800
total displacement 1891ml displacement 800ML/r


Drilling depth: 500m

Drilling diameter: 50-150mm

Spindle stroke: 600mm

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