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HFA7500 Hydraulic Anchor Drilling Rig

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The rig is the overall structure, can be adjusted in three dimensions, achieve 360 degree construction, and is equipped with steel crawler walking chassis, the machine moving quickly and convenience of construction in different environment, gripper adopts double clamping, can be achieved remove the drill pipe and casing automatically.The device uses high pressure circulating water, and using dynamic impact on double tube rotary drilling construction in sandy pebble formation or unstable fracture formation construction, , The efficiency is higher than in the past conventional methods of construction.

Full hydraulic pressure control, solid fuselage structure.Advanced design concepts, monitoring instrument, convenient to operation, ensure the practical performance.The equipment adopts motor as the main source of power, And equipped with a 18 kw of small diesel engine as power when walking , getting on and off. Total power of 90 kw motor, power of head rotation is 65 kw, so the drilling rig rotary torque is twice as large as the same type , impact and the lifting force is very strong, high working efficiency, and can be multi-usage, give priority to with slope anchoring engineering construction, can also be widely used in construction of deep foundation pit, subway, tunnel, railway and the anchor construction of highway, geological disaster management and a small pile of construction.

The innovation points

1. Use chassis of floating structure, can be change Angle of departure of drilling rig and approach angle in a certain range;

2. Using large torque and hydraulic impact rotary power head, can adapt to more than 95% of the formation of construction;

3. The structure of multidimensional connecting rod Angle changed, can make the rig 360 ° in three-dimensional space arbitrarily change the Angle of the borehole;

4. Using electric motor and diesel engine can cope with different construction environment and construction conditions;

5. With double gripper can complete automatic shackle function;

6. Use chain times speed, large hydraulic feed, feed stable and reliable, which can realize double pipe drilling, and following pipe drilling.

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drilling angle drilling diameter Final hole diameter drilling depth Remark
0-360º dia.89 102 114 dia.150-350mm 140-250m Clay layer,sand bed,Pebble bed
Drive Rotation Head
Rotation speed Forward rotation 29r/min 63r/min 58r/min 126r/min
Reverse rotation 29r/min 63r/min 58r/min 126r/min
Strike Strike pressure Flow Frequency Impact energy
15Mpa 117L/min 1300 times 450j  
Maximum Torque 10000N.m
Feed Mechanism
Feed travel Maximum thrust Maximum pull Speed Pull speed
3500mm 62kn 94kn 4/16.8m/min 6/24m/min
Crawler Chassis
Tractive effort 100KN Ground bearing 0.068Mpa Traveling speed 1.5km/h
Climb ability 20º Capacity of bearing 11t Crawler specification 450*135*37
Chassis height from the ground 400mm Crawler length 3965mm Output torque 1400N.m
Power Machine
Diesel engine CHANHCHAI Diesel 18kw 2200r/min walking and transport  
Electric Motor Y160M-4 45+45kw 1480r/min Normal Construction  
Diemension And Weight
Dimensions And Size 6500*2200*2650mm
Weight 10.5t


Drilling depth: 140-250m

Borehole Diameter: 150-350mm

Engine Power: 45+45kw

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