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HFC2000L multifunctional full hydraulic core drilling machine

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HFC2000L full hydraulic core drilling machine is my company after years of trenchless drilling rig, drilling, mining drill based on, combined with the wire-line coring diamond drilling technology, draw lessons from foreign advanced hydraulic core drilling machine based on their own research and development, the rig is widely used in solid mineral surface coring operation engineering.


1.Adopt international standards to track, steel tracks, wild passing ability.

2.With double output shaft transfer case, five pump hydraulic system, power distribution more reasonable

3.Rotary, promote infinitely adjustable-speed several hydraulic control, speed ratio is more suitable for different geological conditions

4.Advancing structure for new type of double motor chain institutions, promote drill pipe, pressure conversion convenient and flexible

5.Rotary head for the multistage hydraulic motor driven step by step, achieve four gear wuji speed regulation, smooth running high speed, high rotary torque at low speed. Formation adaptability is better

6.Carriage can adopt two can tear open outfit structure, realization of 6 m, 9 m and 12 m schedule change, to improve the working efficiency of the deep hole

7.Dual hydraulic system, rational configuration of rotating, propulsion parameters combination, realize the core exploration, blasting hole drilling, water well construction, three construction methods.

8.New propulsion carriage, drill pipe discharge are completed by advancing, save the main winding and drill the conversion introduced in drill pipe, improve working efficiency

9.Drill pipe, rotary, discharge propulsion are centralized control on the armrest, the construction of the operator hands from armrest can complete the drilling operation, improve the working efficiency

10. Rig adopts modular design, can choose for multipole drill, hydraulic gripper, rod reserviors, cab

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Engine power model Commins 6CTA8.3-C240
power 179KW
Rotary speed 2200rpm
Wire-line core Drilling capacity BQ 2000m
NQ 1600m
HQ 1300m
PQ 1000m
Water well drilling capacity Drilling diameter 200-600mm
Drilling depth 300-600m
Blasthole DTH drilling capacity Drilling diameter 100-300mm
Drilling depth 50-100m
Power head Rotary speed two gear stepless0-1000rpm
Max torque 7000N.m
Main spindle through hole diameter 108mm
Max pulling force 320KN
Max feeding force 320KN
Main winch capacity Single rope Lifting 100KN
Steel rope diameter 20mm
Steel rope length 35m
Wire-line winch capacity Single rope Lifting 11KN(bare drum)
Steel rope diameter 5mm
Steel rope length 2050m
mast Mast total hight 11.15m
Mast adjust degree 0-90
Drilling degree 45-90
Feeding stroke 9200mm
Mud pump Model BW250
Other Total weight 14500KG
Drilling machine Dimension 9420X2250X2880mm
Moving way Crawler type


Drilling depth: 50-100mm

Drilling diameter: 300-600mm

Power: 179kw 

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