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HF095C/HF095 Crawler Hydraulic DTH Drilling Rig

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HF095C/HF095 New Generation Internal Combustion (Electric) Crawler Hydraulic DTH Driling Rig is the update product of HF095, which possesses more improved function, more human-oriented design and lower drilling footage cost, It is equipped with diesel engine (electromotor) - hydraulic oil pump unit as its drive device, and achieves the supporting movements such as rotation, propulsion, ifting, moving, pivotangle orientation of hydraulic oil cylinder through hydraulic motor. When the HF095C/HF095 is doing drilling works, only DTH impacter will consume the compressed air. Compared with whole-pneumatic driling rig, the air displacement of matched air compressor is reduced by 30% to 50%, and the consumption of energy (fuel or electricity) is 40% to 50% during operation.

HF095 new generation, which additionally equipped with model of environmental friendly hydraulic dust removal system, constitutes HF095C. Drling site meets the conditions of water can also adopt wet dust removal system.

Turn-around machine

Large rotary torque, the structure of newly designed planetary reduction box is more compact than that of straight tooth type reducer with greater reduction ratio, more efficient torque moment transmission, and more smooth operation.It doesn't need additional parts such as damping joint for shock absorption. The failure rate is lower which reduced rou tine maintenance cost. The unconsolidated layer is not easily sticking, high poreforming rate.

The imported rotary sealing parts own excellent sealing and service life.

Macromolecule liner is wearable and more convenient, no need for oil injection.

Manganese steel machine equipped with sideway makes the frame structure firm, and the sideway free from abrasion.

Maintenance-free propulsion mechanism

Double locked hydraulic machinery not just guaranteed the stable high torque output of hydraulic motor, its service life also greatly extended compared with worm and gear. The mechanical lock completely eradicates internal leakage of hydraulic pressure, meanwhile prevents the glide, the combination of two factors quaranteed the performance on the largest scale.

Belongs to a new generation of products, it applied more advanced technology, the propulsion mechanism doesn't utine oil maintenance.

Maintenance-free chassis

The originally imported walking motor possesses high gradeability to drive the air compressor.

Dual-speed walking system can move quickly which will save the time for displacement.

The crawler frame floats within the range of 159, equipped with walking balance system, it is applied to rough worksite.

Enhanced engineering machinery crawler & box structure crawler frame are sturdy and durable.

Maintenance-free thrust wheels, no need for oil injection.

The caterpillar board is installed to prevent derailment of the caterpillar

Optional unpowered debloe.

Control console

Independent moving operating system, HF drilling rigs adopt three-gear-shifing independent moving control console with broader view and safer manipulation, which employs different working angles during moving and working .

The originally imported operating valves possess more reliable performance.

Centralized control console provides convenient operational control of drilling rig.

Fast propulsive and lifting operation reduce the auxiliary time and enhance the working efficiencyrdin.

The propulsive force can be adjusted and controlled according to the drilling needs.

Drive device

The originally imported hydraulic oil pump is characterized by the high voltage-resistance, large displacement, more reliable quality and long service life.

Yuchai 70KW turbocharged engine (Cummins optional) is featured by the strong power and easy maintenance.

Two-grade air fitering device ensures the engine to absorb the clean air, being safe and reliable.

Oil-water integrated radiator ensures the normal operation of the engine and hydraulic system under the high-temperature environment.

Drilling arm

Multi-angle elongate functional drilling arm drills larger scope, which can drill horizontal hole, forward and backward dip angle hole as well as the lateral dip angle hole. Compared with similar drilling ris, its sectorial area of drilling work exceeds 20%.

HF series hydraulic dry - type dust collector is specially designed for jinke series open - air drilling rig.It effectively extends the service life of the drilling rig, ensures the health of the operators, reduces dust pollution and has good environmental protection effect.

HF series dust collector is a new type of high-efficiency pulse dust collector, which features high dust collecting efficiency, large air volume, stable performance, convenient operation, good cleaning effect, long service life of filter barrel, small maintenance workload, etc.Dust removal equipment at home and abroad in a leading position.

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Drilling diameter


Drilling depth


Pipe-rod changing length


Max. horizontal angle of drilling arm

180 degree

Working air pressure


Speed of turn-around machine


Rotary torque


Sliding framework stroke


Max. horizontal drilling height


Applicable rock hardness


Moving speed(dual-speed)

2km/h, 3km/h


30 degree


Yuchai 75kw, Cummins 74kw, Electric 45kw/30kw

Dimension (LxWxH)


Dust Remover


JKC Series

Soot cleaning mode

Impulse reverse wind

Filter size


Filter materials

Polyester filter material

Filter number


Water tank

Wet type special dust removal


Drilling Diameter: 90mm-150mm
Drilling Depth: 50m
Pipe Length: 3m
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