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HFHG7 Top Hammer DTH Drilling Rig

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Product Description

Made by Atlas Copco Joint venture subsidiary. HFHG7 full hydraulic top hammer drilling rig adopts high power diesel engine with strong power, which can easily meet the requirements of high altitude, extreme cold and other bad working conditions, equipped with ATLAS COPCO rock drill, with high perforation efficiency,  HFHG7 Hydraulic crawler drilling rig is widely used in drilling operations such as earthwork excavation, quarry material extraction and slope treatment in open pit mines and construction projects.

Control system

The programmable logic controller system has high reliability, simple installation, convenient maintenance, strong functional expansion space and easy fault diagnosis.

Safety system

Integrated display engine oil temperature and pressure, coolant temperature and water level, compressed air discharge temperature, pressure and other alarm parameters, as well as equipped with wiper, Angle meter, emergency stop and battery charging instructions.

Hydraulic rock drill

Equipped with high power and high pressure rock drill designed by atlas copco, it has high perforation efficiency, high and low impact, rotary pressure control and propulsion, double buffering system and automatic anti-jamming function, so that it is more adaptable to different rock conditions while reducing drilling tool loss.

Drill arm system

Adopt rectangular section folding arm structure, drive arm movement through hydraulic cylinder, ensure the flexibility and stability of drill arm system movement. At the same time, exquisite steering and push beam bracket design, make the drill in the facade is 0.3 7.6 m vertical and horizontal hole drilling hole, the hole cover area of the plane can reach 17m2

Dust collection system

Two-stage dry dust collection system can be self-cleaned online, with good dust collection effect, meeting the national dust emission requirements.

Propulsion beam system

Aluminum alloy beam driven by oil cylinder and steel wire rope, with higher strength and better bending resistance, can achieve ideal drilling straightness. Compared with chain driven drilling machine, the HFHG7 is more stable in drilling. The beam is equipped with mechanized pole changing system. The operator can complete the action of connecting and unloading rods in the driving room to reduce labor intensity, save labor cost and improve production efficiency.


Equipped with high power air conditioning refrigeration system and warm air system, able to operate normally under various bad weather conditions. The main control mode of the handle makes the operation more simple and convenient, and provides a good working environment for operators to avoid dust pollution.

Power system

The diesel engine is increased by adopting the high power turbine of the state III standard, which provides sufficient power reserve for the whole vehicle, so that the drill can better adapt to the severe working environment such as high altitude and extreme cold. Equipped with screw air compressor, the perforation efficiency is improved while good slag discharge effect is guaranteed.

Chassis system

Crawler-type walking chassis, equipped with high-power dual speed hydraulic drive traction system and hydraulic swing adjustment system, as well as the small-size fuselage width design, makes the rig with excellent off-road and maneuverability.

Product Display

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Model No HFHG7 walk system
Borehole range   walk speed 1.5/3.1km.h
Diameter of hole dia.76-115mm Traction force 115kn
Drill pipe T45/T51 Climbing ability 20 degree
Max.drill depth 21m Ground clearance 455mm
Borehole coverage 17m2 Chassis swing angle ±6
Engine Dust collector
Brand Cummins Filtering area 11m2
Model QSC8.3-C260 Filters quantity 11Units
Power 194kw/2200r/min Pressure for dust 7bar
Air compressor Propelling beam
Brand HANBELL Propelling compensation 1400mm
Capacity 106L/S Max.propulsion speed 0.9m/s
Pressure 9bar Max.propulsion force 20kn
Hydraulic drifter Changing drill pipe system
Brand Atlas Copco Rotating cylinder 270degree
Model RD185 Electric power system  
Power 18kw Battery 2*12v,165ah
Impact pressure 200bar Work light 3*70w
Dimensions and weight
Dimensions(L*W*H) 11610*2450*3200mm
Weight 1450kgs


Borehole Diameter: 76-115mm
Max. Drilling Depth: 21m
Engine Power: 194kw/2200r/min
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