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HF037 Automatic Crawler Mounted DTH Drill Rig

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HF037 Automatic Crawler Mounted DTH Drill Rig is the air-compressor separated hydraulic DTH drill rig. It is equipped with rods carousel for rods storage, exchanging and connecting automatically, as well as locating device and luxurious cabin. Safe and comfortable operation environment reduces labor intensity and substantially curtails labor numbers. In contrast to the air-compressor combined rigs, HF037 is featured by its convenient operation and maintenance as well as low downtime rate.


Water-cooled engine with turbo-charging, brings strong power, lower fault rate and will be more fuel-efficient

Cab Dashboard:

Operators can access to the rig operation parameters, prompt information and warning signals from dashboard.

In addition, operator can adjust the rig to drill in the correct angle as per the reading in the dashboard.

Control Pane:

Operation valve which centralized on control console is very convenient for operate to maneuver.Fast propulsion and lifting reduces the auxiliary time and improves workinq efficiency The propulsion force is controllable, adjusting it whenever drilling requires.

Rotary Head:

Double cycloidal motors boast large rotation torque.Operators can adjust the rotation speed to adapt to the different strata.

Automatic Drilling Rod Carouse:

The carousel can store, connect and disconnect drilling rods. Only operating one single joystick can command carousel to finish rod connection, disconnection, manipulator opening and closing, as well as rods storage. When connecting or disconnecting rods, operators can place one clamp in the male end and one clamp in the female end to facilitate operation and enhance working efficiency.


The moveable undercarriage can move forwards and backwards about 10. The fast speed mode allows rig to move from one site to another in quick manner.

Efficient hydraulic dust collector is equipped with a sliding cover. High efficiency, stable performance of dust collector extends the rig' s service life and protects opera tors from dust pollution.

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Basic data Weight 9000kg
L W H(transportatiom state) 7000mm*2400m3350mm
Engine Manufacturer Yuchai(Cummins)
Model YC4A125Z-T21


Fuel tank capacity 2000L
Rod carousel Rod Capacity 5+1/6+1
Drill rod length 3m
Drill rod diameter Φ76mm
Drilling diameter Drilling diameter Φ90mm-Φ165mm
Auto rod changing drilling depth 18m/21m
Rotation rate 0-91rpm
Rotation torque 3300Nm
Moving speed (dualspeed) 0-2km/h  0-3km/h
Grade ability 20°
Feed beam length 6610mm
Feed extension 1100mm
Feeding stroke 3850mm
Feeding rate 0-0.6m/s
Lifting rate 0-1.2m/s
Dust collector Hydraulic dry dust collector/ wet dust collector (optional)
Optional device Wireless reomote control system


Drilling Diameter: Φ90mm-Φ165mm
Rotation Rate:  0-90rpm
Rotation Torque: 300Nm
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