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HF028 Full Hydraulic Integrated Downhole Drill

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HF028 is an All-In-One hydraulic DTH drilling rig which brings you more automation, higher working efficiency, better reliability and simpler operation. The FOPS-approved cabin and automatic pipe handling system come standard. Heavy-duty undercarriage with wide tracks ensures both extreme maneuverability and improved safety. The hydraulic dust collecting system meets new environmental protection requlations and it's a reliable solution to realize the modern green mining.

Rotation unit

The equipped double cycloid motors can output massive torque and reduce possibility of pipe-stuck situation. And the rotation rate can be continuously adjusted according to different rock formations. The imported seals for the rotation unit is with extraordinary performance and long service life.

Automatic pipe handling system

All the functions, such as pipe storage, pipe loading and unloading, movement of the mechanical clamps, can be controlled very easily with one single joystick.Loading and unloading of the drill pipes are easily achieved by upper and lower clamping, greatly raising the working efficiency.

Operation system

The operation system is simple and ergonomically-friendly.The rig's operating parameters, instructions and warnings all can be clearly displayed on the dashboard, easy for the operator to monitorThe real-time display of hole collaring angle and compressor operating parameters help the operator drill holes precisely and control the rig easily.


The sealed air-conditioned cabin is made with FOPS which meets EU and US safety protection standards.The all-around large safety windows offer great visibility and help the operator control the rig precisely from all angles.The high ground clearance of over 400mm suits varieties of tough terrain and minimizes the possibility of collision with ground.

Air compressor

The high-output Atlas Copco air compressor features two stages of compression, delivering pressure of 20bar and FAD of 18.5m3/min. Powerful and reliable, it suits rock formations of various hardness and offers high penetration rate with ease.

Control pane

The hydraulic pilot control levers make the operation more easier. The adoption of massive manual hydraulic operation systems ensures reliable performance, simple operation and low maintenance cost. Fast feeding and lifting decrease auxiliary time and increase working efficiency.Feeding force can be adjusted anytime if needed


The water-cooled EFl turbo engine offers more power, consumes less fuel and complies with the National Il emission standard. The two-stage air filter system ensures intake of clean air and greatly reduces the engine failure rate.

Dust collecting system

The efficient hydraulic dust collector is equipped with a sliding dust cover. It boasts high dust collecting efficiency and stable performance, extends the rig' s service life and ensures a clean working environment for the operators.


The heavy-duty undercarriage features robust structural strength, wide tracks and excellent grade ability, which all ensure better stability while drillingThe undercarriage can oscillate 10° back and forth, featuring adjustable dual speed and fast maneuverability between sites.

Repair and maintenance

Maintenance and repair are very convenient thanks to that the maintenance and check points are easily accessible, engine compartment is well organized, and all service doors can be easily opened and closed.

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Weight 15000 kg
Length 9920mm
Width 2600 mm
Height 3300 mm(Automatic pipe handling device is unloaded)
Drill pipe change
Drilling diameter 90-160mm
Dilling depth 28m
Pipe diameter 76mm
Pipe length 4m
Pipe capacity 6+1Piece
Hammer specs 4"-5"
Air compressor
Atas Cooco two-stage rotary screw air compressor
Working pressure 20bar
Max. FAD 18.5m3/min
Feeding stroke 4840mm
Feed extension 1100mm
Model QSL8.9-C360-30
Type Water-cooled six-cyinder EFl diesel engine
Rated power 264kw/2100rpm
Fuel tank capacity 450-500L
Rotary motor
Rotation rate 0-85rpm
Max. rotation torque 3300Nm
Feeding method Hydraulic motor +Chain
Feeding force 12KN
Lifting force 18KN
Track width 350mm
Ground clearance ≥400mm
Track oscillation ±10°
Walking speed 2/3km/h
Grade ability 20°
Dust collector
Collection method Hydraulic dust collecting
The function can be customized according to the actual usage of the customer.  


Drilling Diameter:  90-160mm
Drilling Depth: 28m
Drill Pipe Diameter: 76mm
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