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HFXR550D Rotary Drilling Rig

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1. Special h-type hydraulic telescopic crawler chassis, equipped with large-diameter rotary support, chassis with swing legs, which can be auxiliary disassembly;

2, using imported cummins engine, powerful, enough power reserves plateau meet construction, noise, emissions to meet the Ⅲ standards;

3, single row rope main winding structure, the main winding rope in the state of full drilling depth of 132 meters, can meet the single row rope winding, effectively solve the problem of wire rope "bite rope", greatly extend the service life of wire rope;

4. The power head has the common mode and the rock-entry mode, respectively aiming at the soil layer and rock layer operation, improving the construction efficiency;

5. The power head has the function of automatic rotation, and the rotation speed can be continuously adjusted in ordinary mode and rock-entry mode;

6. Standard centralized lubrication system makes maintenance more convenient.


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Project Unit Parameter
Engine Parameter    
Type - QSX15-C600
Rated Power (kW) 447
Power Head Parameter    
Maximum Output Torque (kN﹒m) 550
Rotate Speed (r/min) 6-20
Working Parameter    
Maximum Drilling Diameter (mm) φ3500
Maximum Drilling Depth (m) 132
Pressurized Cylinder Parameters    
Greatest Pressure (kN) 300
Maximum Lifting Force (kN) 400
Maximum Stroke (m) 6
Pressurized Winch Parameter    
Greatest Pressure (kN) 400
Maximum Lifting Force (kN) 520
Maximum Stroke (m) 10/16
Main Winch Parameter    
Maximum Lifting Force (kN) 600
Maximum Hoisting Speed (m/min)  60
Secondary Winch Parameter    
Maximum Lifting Force (kN) 180
Maximum Hoisting Speed (m/min) 50
Chassis Parameters    
Maximum Walking Speed (km/h) 1
Maximum Grade (%) 35
Minimum Departure Clearance (mm) 500
Track Shoe Width (mm) 1000
Maximum Total Width Of The Track (mm) 4550-6000
System Parameters    
Drill Collar Inclination Lateral / Forward Leaning / Backward Leaning (°) ±5/5/15
Work Pressure (MPa) 33
Machine Quality (t) 185
Dimensional Parameters    
Working Status (mm) 12790×6000×33325
Transportation Status (mm) 18040×4550×3800
Remarks - The parameter with "*" is the technical parameter corresponding to the hoisting pressure configuration.


Borehole Diameter: Φ500-Φ1500mm
Maximum Drilling Depth: 10-30m
Engine Power: Φ150kw
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