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HFR180D Rotary Drilling Rig

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It adopts dedicated hydraulic retractable crawler chassis and heavy slewing bearing and has high stability;
It adopts the front-located single-rope main winch structure to greatly prolong the service life of steel wire rope and lower the use cost;
Cummins electric control turbo-supercharged engine is used. It complies with Euro III emission standard ,In addition, it has strong power, which is sufficient to satisfy the construction on the plateau. Its noise is up to the national standard;
Using full electronic control technology of CAN bus, Improves the reliability of the whole vehicle and simplify hydraulic line, Fully reflects the people, machine, electricity and liquid integration;
Winch-crowd and sleeve-driven functions are available for selection to CFA, hydraulic casing oscillator, DTH hammer satisfy various needs of the users;
It is equipped with a centralized lubrication system as standard configuration; maintenance is easier;
The machine obtains CE certfication of TüV Rheinland group.

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Max.Drilling Diameter Uncased φ1800mm
Cased φ1500mm
  Max.Drilling Depth 60m
Dimension Working condition L × W × H 8350×4200×20480mm
Transportation condition L × W × H 14255×2960×3450mm
Overall Drilling Weight 56t
Engine Model CUMMINS QSB6.7-C260
Rated Power 194/2200kw
Hydraulic System Working pressure 35MPa
Rotary Drive Max. output torque 180KN.m
Rotary speed 7~27r/min
Spin off speed 102r/min
Pull-Down Cylinder Max.pull-down piston push 160KN
Max.pull-down piston pull 180KN
Max.pull-down piston stroke 5000mm
Crowd Winch Max.pull-down piston push -
Max.pull-down piston pull -
Max. pull-down piston stroke -
Main Winch Max.pulling force 180KN
Max. single-rope speed 65m/min
Diameter of the steel wire rope 28mm
Auxiliary Winch Max. Pulling force 50KN
Max. single-rope speed 70m/mim
Diameter of the steel wire rope 16mm
Drilling mast Left/right inclination of mast 42432°
Front inclination of mast
Rotary table slewing angle 360°
Traveling Max. traveling speed 2.3km/h
Max.grade ability 35%
Crawler Track shoe width 700mm
Distance between tracks 2960-4200mm
The length of crawler 5140mm
Average ground pressure 93.6kPa
Rated Power:  194/2200KW
Max.Drilling Depth:  60m
Max.Drilling Diameter: 1800mm
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