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HFZL40 Long Screw Piling Machine

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HFZL40 crawler type long auger rig with rigid frame, the upper operating mechanism with three-point structure, the bottom of the column using cross-axis structure connection. The built-in hydraulic system, in addition to four legs using hydraulic transmission, the rest are used mechanical transmission, rotary mechanism with two rotary deceleration. Rotation speed adjustable, pile frame rotation smoothly. The main winch uses variable frequency to control the rope speed. Electrical control of the use of centralized control. This machine configuration high-power variable frequency power head, in a certain range can be stepless speed, the power head is equipped with two kinds of reducer, one for the three-ring reducer, one for the planetary reducer.

HFL40 track long auger drilling the largest drilling diameter of 1.05 meter, the deepest drilling 42 meters, is currently the largest and deepest long auger.
HFL40 crawler-type long auger rig with crawler walking, with mobile flexibility in place quickly, operating safety and other advantages, greatly reducing the construction assistance time, the drilling machine into the hole of good quality, high efficiency, easy to operate no noise pollution, high degree of mechanization, Therefore, widely used in industrial and civil construction of the pile foundation construction, especially for urban construction with the construction of the pile of mechanized construction.

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Model HFZL40
Column support way Three points
Crawler chassis width 7m
Max pulling torque 900kn
Tower height 48m
Drilling diameter 1200mm max
Drilling depth 42m max
Crawler chassis touch ground distance 6m
Column lean range Front 11 degree, back 3 degree
Crawler ability 2 degree
Drilling rotary speed ≤21r/min
10 ton main winch lifting speed (adjustable) 0-23m/min
3 ton main vice lifting speed (adjustable) 12m/min
Rotary speed 0-0.28r/min
Rotary angle +/-180 degree
Walking speed 3.9m/min
Diagonal line adjustment speed 0.44m/min
Pressure of touch ground Without working equipment Support leg 0.29Mpa
Chassis 0.11Mpa
Total weight (not including the rotary head) 107x10³KG
Column guide central distance 700*dia102 330*dia70


Borehole Diameter: 1200mm

Maximum Drilling Depth: 42m

Walking Speed:3.9m/min

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