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HFZL30 Long Screw Drilling Machine

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The drilling rig is a kind of deep drilling long screw drilling machine newly researched and developed by the company. The pile holder of this drilling machine applies ship like track, caterpillar type travel, with flexible displacement and convenient emplacement. The drilling machine applies electrohydraulic concentrative control, with convennience for operation, and the three-point support upright post that can be adjusted at the back and forth or on the left and right. The complete machine can realize the 360° . Full revolution. The part of drilling tools apply three ring decelerator for power, key type flange as drill rod, being safe, reliable, and shortcut dismantling. The drilling machine can be equipped with construction techniques such as ultra flow form, high pressure slurry filling and dry method pore forming; The pile holder can be equipped with the vibratory hammer below 120kw. It can realize the construction of premoulded pile, concrete influx pile, concre te garlic pile, lime pile, gravel pile, etc. 

If used for drilling influx pile operation, the HFZL30 Type hydraulic caterpillar type machine has high pore forming efficiency, good quality, mo shock, noise or pollution, and high degree of mechanization; Better performance than hammering and pile sinking methods for penetrating the sand and gravel layers, at the same time, it avoids the adverse effect on the adejacent buildings due to the hammering and vibration pile sinking's press on foundation. Therefore, this drilling machine, as a kind of environmental-friendly piling mechanical product specially applicable to urban construntion, is broadly applied to the pile foundation construction of industrial and civil buidings.

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Model HFZL30
Hole diameter(mm) 400, 600 850
Drilling depth (m) 30 25
Power unit Power(kw) 55*2
Rotation(r/min) 24.2
Torque(KN. m) 48.1
Allowable drill drawingout force( KN) 400
Pile holder Mass(t) 60
The inclination range of upright post 12 degrees ahead and 3 degrees back
Contact area pressure ratio (MPa) 0.045-0.35
Travel speed(m/min) 4.5
Step lengh(m) 3.0
The max allowable slope angle (degree) 2 degrees
Working external dimensions (m) 13.5*6*36
Can be equipped with vibratory
Hammer multishaft type continuous
wall drilling machine

Below 120kw


Borehole Diameter: 400mm/600mm/850mm

Maximum Drilling Depth: 25m/30m

Engine Power:55x2kw

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