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HFMG-120 Crawler Type Hydraulic Anchor Drilling Rig

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Product description:

HFMG-120 horizontal lift multi-function drilling machine is a full hydraulic crawler drilling machine that integrates anchoring, jet grouting and watering of deep foundation pit slope, it can meet various construction technology requirements.

Based on long-term market research and customer feedbacks, this drilling rig is an engineering drill developed by our company, which is mainly based on the supporting technology of the slope of deep foundation pit and supplemented by the construction of jet grouting. It is characterized by good maneuverability, wider range of operating holes, high efficiency, good drilling quality and low pollution.

Product features:

1. Simple system structure, convenient maintenance and low investment.

2. The horizontal lifting height is up to 3.5 meters, and the lowest is 1.8 meters, which can be used for construction of double row anchor rope at one time.

3. Selective power ratio can reduce power consumption and improve the working efficiency.

4. The overall structure is simpler, more reasonable layout, and humanized operation.

5. Drilling rig with truck crane, effectively reducing the laboring intensity and cost.

Feasible construction technology:

1. Three-wing bit drilling, mud water discharges slag, suitable for high-speed drilling of soil layer and other strata.

2. Small diameter twist drill drilling (≥ 200mm), suitable for soil layer.

3. Pneumatic hammer drill, slag removal by air,suitable for construction of rock stratum and crushing stratum.

4. Casing drilling.

5. Compound drilling of casing and drill pipe.

6. Single, double, triple jet grouting, fixed jet construction.

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Hole diameter: ¢50-250mm
Drilling depth: 100-120m
Diameter of drill pipe (mm) : ¢50 ¢73 ¢76 ¢89
Drill inclination: Downdip :0-90° Updip:0-7°
Power head output speed: 15-150(r/min)
Maximum torque of power head: 6800(N·m)
Power head stroke: 3200(mm)
Lower bracket feeding process: 900(mm)
Horizontal lifting height: Highest:3500mm Lowest:1800mm
Rated lifting force of power head: 50KN
Input power: 55KW+18.5KW+2.2KW
Length * width * height (transportation status) : 5450x2300x2250(mm)
Weight: 7000kg

Hole Diameter:  ¢50-250mm

Drilling Depth: 100-120m

Diameter of Drill Pipe :¢50 ¢73 ¢76 ¢89mm

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