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HFH135D Anchor Drilling Rig

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HFH135D crawler type anchoring drilling rig is high efficiency, multi function,stable performance, can drilling in Complex stratum. It can rotating drill with common alloyed drill bit; can drill with common alloy bit for hard rock, can impact rotation drilling with fast speed; can drill with compressor DTH hammer;when drilling in Gravel and other Unstable Strata, can use with pipe drilling system.

Main Features
1. Full hydraulic control, flexible operation, good mobility, high cost performance.
2 Drilling rig using track moving, reliable and durable. Chassis rotation using hydraulic driven, rotating angle of 90 degrees, easy and convenient operation.
3. Equipped with a holder device can automatically remove the drill pipe and casing, reduce labor intensity, improve work efficiency.
4 The rotary machine adopts double hydraulic motor drive, the output torque is large, the center of the rotating parts is low, the stability of the drilling operation is improved, and the corresponding drilling tool can be combined to carry out the compound drilling.

Structure of Product
Rotary head
The rotary head use double motor drive, big output torque, low rotary head center so that improve Stability of the drilling work.

Hydraulic clamp device
Equipped with a holder device can automatically remove the drill pipe and casing, reduce labor intensity, improve work efficiency.

Engineering chain
The feeding part equipped with engineering chain, avoid destroy the hydraulic choose drilling work.

Walking motor track frame
Excavator use 4-wheel and track, import driving motor for excavator, Reliable and durable; big diameter support cylinder leg, enclosed in a protective well.

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Hole diameter dia.150-dia.250mm
Drilling angle 0~90degree
Rated output torque 6500N.m
Rated rotating speed 0~140r/min
Climb ability 25degree
Power 55KW+18.5KW+2.2KW
Transportation dimension(L*W*H) 5400*2100*2200
Cost-effective depth 100~140m
Drill rod dia.76*3m dia.89*3
Rated lifting force 70KN
Feeding stroke 3400mm
Rated feeding force 36KN
Whole weight 6000Kg


Borehole Diameter: 150-250mm

Max. Drilling Depth: 100-140m

Engine Power:55KW+18.5KW+2.2KW

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