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HF35/25 (L) Mobile Screw Air Compressor

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Atlas custom controller

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Ensure safe and reliable operation of equipment, provide a variety of abnormal alarm and automatic shutdown protection


Solid design ensures long - term reliability and durability of the equipment

Convenient maintenance

Open door design, convenient for daily maintenance work

Country 3 emission engine

In line with China's third stage non-road diesel engine emission standards

The fuel injection system adopts the international advanced high pressure common rail technology, the electric control type fuel injection, the effect is higher, the horsepower is more sufficient

Low emission, green and environmental protection

Diesel fuel self-sufficiency

Even under the condition of 100% full load and continuous operation

Low noise

Mobile locomotive canopy and canopy design have a strong role in noise reduction, sound absorption

Blasting hole drilling

From aggregate mineral, limestone to metal mineral mining, blasting hole drilling

construction is most often used in difficult, remote areas, this kind of harsh working environment, which requires a solid and stable equipment to perform the task.The mobile air compressor is equipped with a low temperature and high altitude starter package, large capacity diesel tank can meet the needs of uninterrupted long time operation and other satisfactory solutions.Simple equipment operation and convenient maintenance also ensure the maximum working time.

Application example: it is suitable for various types of mineral mining and provides power for various types of pneumatic drilling rig.It is widely used in iron ore, copper, gold, and cement factories to drill for small boulders that yield valuable minerals or are processed into smaller particles or powders that are made into cement.

Building preparation application

From residential buildings, to the construction of office buildings or other commercial buildings, as well as the construction of tunnels, Bridges, airports, etc., equipment is required to be used in hot, high dust conditions.The hanfa mobile is designed to address this need.High-powered engines provide excess power to accommodate the worst conditions.The large capacity tank satisfies the requirement of uninterrupted operation under one working shift even when used at 100% full load.The configuration of large area cooler and exhaust fan ensures the equipment to work normally under ultra-high temperature conditions.The compressor electronic control unit (ECU) + electric injection diesel engine makes the operation and use of the equipment convenient, the response speed of the equipment is faster, the efficiency is higher, and the productivity without pressure drop is guaranteed.

Application example: it can provide the driving force of field construction equipment for pneumatic rock drill, plate cutting machine, drainage pump and manual crushing hammer.These engineering equipment is suitable for building and road construction, as well as the excavation and construction of foundation, roadbed, slope stability, etc.

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Model HF35/25 (L) 

  HF28/25 (L) 

Working Ptessure bar 25-15 25-18
Flow Rate m³/min 35-40 28-31
Sound Power Levels 83≠3 82=3
Fuel tank Capacity,L 780 500
 Compressor Oil Capacity,L  100 75
Outlet valves.QtyXSize 1xG2 1xG3/4 1xG2 1xG3/4
Engine Model QSZ13-C500-30 6MK400-H300
Ensine Power kW 354 295
Normal Engine Speed rpm  1700-1850 1750-1900
Unloading Engine Speed.rpm  1300 1200
Engine Inspiration Torbue Charger Torbue Charger
Diamension& Weight(Bor Mounted)    
Length mm 4486 3985
Width mm 2100 1800
Height mm 2180 2200
Weight kg 5150 4550


Flow Rate: 35-40m³/min

Working Ptessure 25-15bar

Ensine Power: 354kw

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