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Diesel Generator Set

Diesel Generator Set

Diesel generator sets adopt 100, 105, 110, 126 series diesel engine, four-stroke, water-cooling, in-line, with good power, economy, environmental protection and starting performance, also has the advantages of low emission, low energy consumption, high reliability, large torque, and easy maintenance, greatly favored by domestic and foreign users.Market occupancy is large, and accessories are versatile!

Cummins Series Diesel Generator Set

Cummins diesel generator sets use the Dongfeng or Chongging Cummins engines, high reliability, easy maintenance, long continuous running time, and long working time, they have won the love of users in port, railway, mining and other industries. As the largest foreign investor in China engine industry, Cummins owns Dongfeng Cummins Engines Co., Ltd(produce seriesB. C and L) and Chongging Cummins Engines Co., Ltd (produce series M, N and K) and other manufacturing enterprises, they produce by Commins global unified quality standard. Commins global service network provides customers with reliable service.

Yuchai Series Diesel Generator Set

Yuchai diesel generator set -Yuchai predecessor "Yulin Quantang Industrial Company" was established in 1951. In 1992, the company completed the shareholding reform and established Guangxi Yuchai Machinery Corporation Limited. In 1993, the shareholding reform of sino-foreign joint venture was completed, it became the first Sino-Foreign Joint Stock Co., Ltd. In 1994. China Yuchai intenational stocks were listed on the main board in New York (Stock Code NYSE: CYD), is the first oversea listed company in the domestic industry. The headquarter is located in Yulin, Suangxi, known as "China' s Green Power Capital".

Shangchai Series Diesel Generator Set

Shangchai diesel generator sets use the water-cooling industrial engine produced by Shanghai diesel engine co. LTD., the working voltage of control system is 24VDC equipped with diesel and oil spin-on filter and dry air filter, have compact structure high power, reliable performance and low noise.

Changchai Series Diesel Generator Set

Changchai Co., Ltd. is a national industrial enterprise with a history of more than 100 years. It is one of the earliest professional manufacturers of internal combustion engines in China. It has successfully launched non-road country 111, country IV electronic controlled diesel engines and vehicles in the industry by adopting three advanced technical routes: high-pressure common rail, electronic controlled monomer pump and electronic controlled VE pump approved by the Ministry of Environmental Protection of China. V diesel engine of China has formed many series and varieties.

Weichai Series Diesel Generator Set

HFDG-150 walking all rotary spray rig is on the basis of the traditional technology of high-pressure rotary jet grouting and adopted a unique porous pipe and the front pressure monitoring devices, realize the hole force in slurry and ground pressure monitoring, and by adjusting the forced pulp quantity to control internal pressure, significantly reduce the disturbance of the surrounding foundation;Its technological characteristics are horizontal, inclined, vertical and arbitrary Angle construction, large pile diameter and good pile quality.
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