Changchai Series Diesel Generator Set

Speed: 2200-2600rpm
Genstes Power:5-23kW

product Introduction

Changchai Co., Ltd. is a national industrial enterprise with a history of more than 100 years. It is one of the earliest professional manufacturers of internal combustion engines in China. It has successfully launched non-road country 111, country IV electronic controlled diesel engines and vehicles in the industry by adopting three advanced technical routes: high-pressure common rail, electronic controlled monomer pump and electronic controlled VE pump approved by the Ministry of Environmental Protection of China. V diesel engine of China has formed many series and varieties.


1.Because of its simple structure, light weight and small size compared with the multi-cylinder engine with the same displacement, the single-cylinder engine is beneficial to reduce the weight of the whole vehicle, so it also improves the flexibility of vehicle control.

2. When the engine is transversely arranged, the gyroscopic effect of crankshaft rotation will prevent the motorcycle from turning sideways. The heavier the crankshaft is, the greater the resistance will be. Because the crankshaft of single cylinder engine is short and the gyroscopic effect is much lower, the left and right side tilt is light. Drivers will feel light in direction.


Genstes model Genstes power (kw) Matching Diesel Engine Model Rated power/speed(kw/rpm)  Number*Bore*stroke (mm) Displacement (L) L*W*H(mm) Weight(kg)
HF-5GF 5 R180 5/2600 1*80*80 0.402 700*400*600 100
HF-10GF 10 ZS1100 10/2200 1*100*115 0.903 1550*600*580 230
HF-15GF 15 ZS1115 15/2200 1*115*115 1.194 1550*600*580 300
HF-20GF 20 L28 20/2200 1*125*120 1.472 1600*600*600 300
HF-23GF 23 L32 23/2200 1*130*125 1.658 1700*1000*1000 400


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