HF15/13(H) middle and low pressure wood moving screw air compressor

Air Displacement: 12/15m³/min
Air pressure:13/13bar
Engine Power:132kW
Rotary Speed:2200rpm

product Introduction

Hanfa group through the continuous pursuit of technological innovation, to meet the needs of market development, in the original mobile screw air compressor series is developed on the basis of smaller size, the layout more reasonable, more cost-effective new mobile screw series. Comprehensive performance is good, the more efficient is widely used in drilling, pipeline pressure test and related fields.For cold area can also be optional liquid fuel oil heater, through the pulmonary circulation cooling heating cylinder diesel engine, thus allowing you to start.


1.High reliability

All the main parts and components are made by well-known enterprises at home and abroad with reliable quality. Pressure, force constant, flow stable; Realize the displacement from 0 to 100% T continued from section II, high efficiency, energy saving, stable and reliable;


Small volume, light weight, low noise;Compact, easy to transport, covers an area of less, also can enter in narrow condition, out freely, reduce transportation costs.All the door design, ensure the wide operation space, convenient maintenance and repair. To save time, improve efficiency.

3.Comprehensive monitoring

Equipment running state can be comprehensive monitoring;Control panel, in both Chinese and English interface is concise, clear, equipment running status be clear at a glance, the operation is convenient, and equipped with automatic stop function with regard to the guarantee the safety of person, machine.

4.To adapt to the environment

This air compressor to ensure that the cold temperature, oxygen condition can also be a perfect start, satisfy the bearing and all kinds of bad working condition of using the environment. For customers to solve the has the worry, greatly improve the work efficiency.


name HF12/13(H) HF15/13(H)
compressor Displacement 12(m/min) 15(m/min)
Exhaust pressure 13(bar) 13(bar)
Compression level Single-stage Single-stage
Gas tank volume 120(bar) 130(bar)
Screw oil quantity 60(l) 65(l)
diesel engine Engine manufacturer Dongfeng Cummins Dongfeng Cummins
engine model 6BTA5.9-C180 6BTA5.9-C180
Number of cylinders 6 6
rated power 132(kw) 132(kw)
Rated speed 2200(rpm) 2200(rpm)
Idling speed 1400(rpm) 1400(rpm)
Diesel engine lubricants 18(l) 18(l)
Coolant volume 40(l) 40(l)
Fuel tank volume 335(l) 335(l)
unit Battery 6-QW-135MF*2 6-QW-135MF*2
Connection size 1-G2"、1-G1"、 1-G2"、1-G1"、
transfer method Coupling direct coupling Coupling direct coupling
long 4200(mm) 4200(mm)
width 1980(mm) 1980(mm)
high 2210(mm) 2210(mm)
Total Weight 2700(kg) 2700(kg)
Unit walking mode Two rounds of movement Two rounds of movement


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