HF200 Multi-functional Water Well Core Drill Rig

Drilling Diameter: 75-300mm
Drilling Depth:30-200m
Electric motor:15kW
Spindle stroke:450mm


  • 1Drilling depth can reach 30-200m.
  • 2Steels quality is good, torque is large.
  • 3Easy operation, free-maintaining.
  • 4For various complex stratum, such as pebble bed, aggregate bed.
  • 5Saving money, compact construction, easy moving.
  • 6For geological exploration, exploration of high building construction, rivers construction, civil water well.
  • 7It can do standard penetration test, use auger drilling and sampling with solid stem and the triple rod jet grouting.


Unity machine parameter
Drilling depth 30--200m
 End hole caliber 300-75mm
 Drill rod caliber 50mm
 Drilling angle 90°~75°
Drill weight (No include power) 910kg
Unity machine dimensions 2.5×1×1.3  2.5×0.9×1.3m
Spindle speed 64,128,287,557r/min
Spindle stroke  450mm
Max.single line hoisting capacity 2000kg
Single line lifting speed 17,35,75,151r/min
Tightrope caliber 12.5mm
Tightrope cubic measure 35m
Hug floodgate caliber 254mm
Hug floodgate belt width 70mm
Distance between drill and hole 400mm
Mud pump
Type Horizontal single urn twin-action
Displacement 170L/min
Diesel engine S1110   22HP
Electric motor Y160M—4 15kw 1440r/min
Maximum pressure 1.5Mpa
Work pressure 0.7Mpa
Water inlet caliber 40mm
Water to exit caliber 30mm
Triangle conveyor belt B1728mm


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