HFC-400 Truck Mounted Water Well Drill Rig

Drilling Diameter: 500mm
Drilling Depth:420m
Engine Power:118kW
Rotary Torque:60000N.m


  • 1 Sinotruck, 6X6 drive.
  • 2Drill diameter 500mm (20inches) and drill depth 420m.
  • 3BW900 mud pump, fast to clean holes.
  • 4One month overseas service by experienced engineer FOR FREE.
  • 5One year quality warranty.
  • 6Widely used in tough environments: deserts in Africa, remote areas in China, plateau in South America, etc.



Drilling capacity Moving force BF6L913G55 or 6135AN
Hole depth 420m
Diameter max 500mm
Drill rod 89mm x 10mm x 6000mm / 73mm x 9mm x 6000mm
Max. turntable diameter 505mm
Active Kelly 108mm x 108mm x 7315mm
Drill tower Effective height 11m
Hook rated load 25t
Hoisting system 3 x 4
Dimensions for transport 12600mm x 2500mm x 4230mm
Weight 24t
Power model BF6L913G55
name intercooled turbocharged diesel enine
Cylinder diameter 102 x 125mm
Power 118kw / 2500r/min
Max. torque 555N.m / 1600r/min
Transmission box Output speed 1107r/min
Chain box Input speed 1107 r/min
Output speed 964r/min
Gearbox Input speed 1107r/min
Double hydraulic cylinder-cable driving mechanism Pressure capacity 196000N
Reduce pressure capacity 135000N
Decompression strock 7.6m
Unloading pipe cylinder Strock 185mm
Cylinder inside diameter 110mm
Rated torque 60000N.m
Mud pmp BW900 Max. pressure 2.5Mpa
Max. displacement 900L/min
Hydraulic pump Type GPC4-50
Displacement (cm3/r) 52.5


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