HFDC-250 Truck Mounted Water Well Drill Rig

Drilling Diameter: 500mm
Drilling Depth:200-250m
Engine Power:120kW
Rotary Torque:7500N.m

product Introduction

Drilling speed is extremely fast, using hydraulic propulsion, drilling speed is many times the mud pump drilling machine, second only to the air compressor.Able to work in all formations including pebbles, rocks, etc.


  • 1 The drilling equipment is installed on the vehicle, which improves the mobility of the equipment, shortens the installation preparation time of the drilling rig and improves the drilling efficiency.
  • 2Adopt integral forging brake pad, force internal circulation cooling, improve brake safety and service life.
  • 3Equipped with a complete hydraulic pneumatic operating system and double anti-collision crown, reduce the labor intensity of workers, improve the safety of operation.
  • 44.The rotary drive box can realize positive and reverse gear, and is suitable for various rotary operations of drill pipe buckle. The reverse torque release device ensures the safe release of drill pipe deformation during drilling.


Depth 200M-250M
Aperture 500MM
Dimensions 12000mm×2500MM×4150MM
Total Weight 12500KG
Truck chassis
Driving form 6×4
Power 290HP
Drilling tower
Drill tower load 20T
Drill tower height 12M
Pull up-Pull down cylinder
Pull down 7T
Pull up 15T
Diesel engine
Power 120KW
Revolutions 1800R/MIN
Single rope pull up 1T
Power head
Revolutions 0-150RPM
Torque 7500NM
Rated Power 30KW
Rated Current 72.2A
Rated Speed 1500RPM


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