HFP600 Plus Portable Core Drill Rig

Drilling Diameter: 96/75.7/60mm
Drilling Depth:160/460/800m
Engine Power: 4×23.5kW
Rotary Torque:650N.m

product Introduction

HF600 Plus, the most powerful one of HAFNA HFP series portable full-hydraulic core drilling rigs, is mainly used for drilling boreholes of 500-800m in depth. Enjoying good portability and strong force as specially designed for inaccessible areas and complex strata, it can even drill through extremely fractured strata quickly with HANFA series formulated mud.

1. It is equipped with an original and customized and manual Parker multi-way reversing valve to ensure precise control.

2. It is equipped with an independently developed hydraulic modular valve block, so the hydraulic system is highly integrated and reliable

3. It is controlled remotely with an engine to ensure convenient operation.

4. Equipped with a proprietary three-cylinder holder, it can directly pass through drill rods with an inlet diameter of No. P, No. H, No. N and No. B.


  • 1Increased capability 30%.
  • 2Optimized hydraulic system, operationstation, oil tank and modules.
  • 3 Improved working area.
  • 4Brand-new rod holder with increased strength,wider applications and easier adjustment enhanced adapt ability.



Drilling depth capacity HQ/NTW/BTW Rod Length 1.5m 160/460/800m
Hole Diameter 96/75.7/60mm
Core Diameter 63.5/56/42mm
Power engine KUBOTA D1105.T,4×23.5KW/3000RPM
Hydraulic system American Parker valve,water cooler
Maximum pressure 21Mpa/max,Maxium flow 160L/min
Top drive rotation head Maximum torque 650N.m
Maximum rotation speed 1300rpm
Feed travel 1.83m
Pull/Thrust 50KN/30KN(Single cylinder)
Winch Average speed 150m/min
Pulling Force 700kg
Wire Rope Diameter 5mm
Rope Capacity 900m
Mast Height of the mast on 90 degree 5m
Drilling angle 45º-90º(standard )
Size and weight Platform area/Module quantity 4m×4m×5m/13 PCS
Gross/Maximum module 1500kg/180kg


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