HFT600ST Truck Mounted Water Drilling Rig

Drilling Diameter: 190-500mm
Drilling Depth:620m
Engine Power:141kW
Rotary Torque:490N.m

Main characteristics and Applications:

This drilling rig, HFT600ST Water Drilling Rig, has the features in best maneuver ability, compact construction, high integrity, economical transportation, simple operation, reliable transmission, etc.

Other applications as follow

  • 1 It is equipped with the breakout-gun cylinder. After loosening the first turn of thread of the lock joint with the aid of breakout-gun cylinder, the drill pipe can be rotated in counter-clockwise direction by rotary table to reduce greatly the labor intensity and prolong service life of the component parts.
  • 2 The drilling rig is equipped with a mud pump of changing-cylinder for construction.
  • 3 The drilling rig is equipped with four jacks to reduce physical labor and improve the efficiency of installation.
  • 4 To upgrade the versatility in application, standard parts and components. The drilling rig may be used for drilling in quaternary period stratum and matrix.

Main applications as follows

(1) Exploration and investigation of hydro-geological condition.

(2) Water well drilling for agriculture irrigation, industry and national defense.

(3)Ventilation of underground tunnel. HFT600ST can also be used in building engineering.


Power BF6L913C 141KW/2500r/min
Drilling Depth 620m
Diameter of hole Open-hole 500mm End hole 190mm
Drilling pipe 89*9*6000mm 73*7*6000mm
Max. Through hole diameter of rotary 505mm
Driving Kelly 108*108*7315mm
Effective height 11m
Rated load of hook 25T
Hoisting system 3*4
Dimensions (in transportation state) (L*W*H) 12000*2500*4230mm
Total weight 27T
Max. Truck speed 73Km/h
Away angle 13.5
Model BF6L913C 6135AN
Type Air-cooling Diesel engine Water-cooling Diesel engine
Liner size 102*125mm 135*150mm
Power 141KW/2500r/ min 100KW/1500r/ min
Max torque 490N.m/1650r/min 647N.m/1250r/min


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