HFZC-350 Truck Mounted Water Well Drill Rig

Drilling Diameter: 505mm
Drilling Depth:300-350m
Engine Power:120kW
Rotary Torque:800N.m


  • 1 Drill max 350m depth, 200-550mm diameter
  • 2SINOTRUCK 6X4 tuck chassis ,drilling rig ,mud pump ,generator ,diesel engine etc all components installed into the truck ,easy to move to anyplace
  • 3Drilling rig diesel engine use 120KW DEUTZ ,very powerful and excellent quality
  • 4 Mechanical top head driving rotary head ,it has advantages of both hydraulic power head and turntable type
  • 5Drilling way can be mud positive circulation drilling, air lift reverse circulation drilling ,mud DTH hammer drilling and air DTH hammer drilling ,different drilling way choose for different stratums ,especially ,mud DTH hammer drilling is our new technology ,use mud pump power for DTH hammer drilling, with very high efficiency and save much oil consumption and save too much cost.
  • 6Simple structure ,mostly mechanical trasmission ,low failure rate and low maintenance cost
  • 7Big torque :max 10000NM, big lifting capacity :20T ,very strong and big capacity machine
  • 8Mainly used for deepwell and large diameter well drilling, also used for pile foundation in some projects
  • 9Water pressure propulsion, cost saving, drilling speed, second only to the air compressor, the drilling speed of this rig, many times by the drill collar, hydraulic, mud pump rig!


Depth 300M-350M
Aperture 505MM
Dimension 12000mm×2500MM×4150MM
Truck chassis
Driving form: 4×2
Power 180-290HP
Drilling tower
Drill tower load 30T
Drill tower height 12M
Pull up-Pull down cylinder
Pull down 7T
Pull up 20T
Diesel engine
Power 120KW
Revolutions 1800R/MIN
Piston displacement 6.75L
Transmission case
Input power 147KW
Input torque 800NM
Rated Power 30KW
Rated Curren 72.2A
Rated Speed 1500RPM


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