Hanfa Full Hydraulic CBM Drilling Rig

Drilling Diameter: 350-400mm
Drilling Depth:600-2000m
Engine Power:276kW
Rotary Torque:7500-20000N.m

product Introduction

The self-propelled full hydraulic CBM drilling rig has been independently researched and developed by Hanfa machinery. It embodies the design concept of "advanced performance,economy and high efficiency, safety and reliability,convenient operation as well as safety and environment protection". It adopts the double plc electrical control hydraulic drive system realizing the intelligent control and automatic operation.It is applicable to the exploration and development of CBM within 2000m depth and unconventional oil and gas resources.

The rig adopts tailor -made chassis, With strong cross-country ability and excellent moving performance,it is applicable to well sites of various landforms meeting fast move requirement,Equipped with power swivel as well as pull up and push down system,and integrally installed with mud pump,foam pump and lube oiler.The drilling rig can meet the requirements of mud,foam,air drilling processes.

The drilling rig is equipped with plc control system and pv75 monitoring and alarm system realizing digital monitoring of operation,It adopts explosion-proof design to realize the intrinsic safety ensuring the safe operation while drilling.


Nominal drilling depth(4 1/2") m 600 1000 1500 2000
Maximum pulling capacity Kn 300 490 600 900
Maximum pressure capacity Kn 60 100 160 180
Lifting speed m/s 0-0.5 0-0.6 0-0.6 0-0.6
Power swivel Torque N.m 7500 10000 15000 20000
Rotational speed rpm 0-170
Through-hole diameter mm 50 50 76
Drilling line diameter mm 28 38 38 38
Table opening diameter mm 350 400 400 400
Mast effective height m 11 15 15 15
Mast height,Table opening diameter,Max.push down force, Mud pump, foam pump and lube oiler can be desighed according to the urer's different requirements.


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