product Introduction

The silent type diesel generator sets are elaborately designed by introducing the advanced technology of low noise generator and low noise engine, with advanced design idea and style variety complete. The box is all detachable and make of steel plate splice. The surface is coated with the high performance antirust paint, it has the function of noise reduction and rain-proof.The box adopts multilayer sound-muffling structure and built-in large impedance compound silencer. Also, there is an observation window and an emergence stop button on the box, in order to observe the operational process and shut down at the top speed in case of emergency, for protecting the unit.


  • 1Convenient traction with flexible traction rod.
  • 2Safe and stable traction with shift of manual and pneumatic brake.
  • 3Protection from severe environment with steel shell.
  • 4Optional installation of cable and cable reel, the 30 meter cable ensures user' s large range ano ong distance transmission.


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