HF028 Full Hydraulic Integrated Downhole Drill

Drilling Diameter: 90-160mm
Drilling Depth:28m
Engine Power:264kW/2100rpm
Rotary Torque:3300N.m

product Introduction

HF028 integrated full hydraulic down-the-hole drilling rig is a product that can bring you higher automation and higher drilling efficiency, reliable operation and simple operation. Equipped with a cab and automatic rod changing system that meets FOPS requirements as standard, and widens the heavy-duty walking mechanism to meet the requirements of rapid movement while taking into account better safety. The hydraulic dust removal system can meet the new environmental protection requirements of the mine, and it is a modern green mine. Reliable solution.



Weight 15000 kg
Length 9920mm
Width 2600 mm
Height 3300 mm(Automatic pipe handling device is unloaded)
Drill pipe change
Drilling diameter 90-160mm
Dilling depth 28m
Pipe diameter 76mm
Pipe length 4m
Pipe capacity 6+1Piece
Hammer specs 4"-5"
Air compressor
Atas Cooco two-stage rotary screw air compressor
Working pressure 20bar
Max. FAD 18.5m3/min
Feeding stroke 4840mm
Feed extension 1100mm
Model QSL8.9-C360-30
Type Water-cooled six-cyinder EFl diesel engine
Rated power 264kw/2100rpm
Fuel tank capacity 450-500L
Rotary motor
Rotation rate 0-85rpm
Max. rotation torque 3300Nm
Feeding method Hydraulic motor +Chain
Feeding force 12KN
Lifting force 18KN
Track width 350mm
Ground clearance ≥400mm
Track oscillation ±10°
Walking speed 2/3km/h
Grade ability 20°
Dust collector
Collection method Hydraulic dust collecting
The function can be customized according to the actual usage of the customer.


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