HF-6A Percussion Drilling Rig

Drilling Diameter: 300-1850mm
Drilling Depth:300m
Engine Power:55kW
Traveling Speed:30km/h

product Introduction

HF-6A percussion drilling rig is one of the most important drilling machine in the piling foundation and bore hole drilling. It can adapt various geological condition, especially for drilling hole in gravel and rock with strong adaptation. Meantime, percussion drilling rig has high pore forming efficiency and good pile formation quality. HF-6A drilling rig is very popular in the market currently, all of its components are all installed in the trailer, like electric motor,drive motor, hoist, mast etc, integrate motion. The percussion drilling rig uses the crank-link mechanism to change the power's gyration motion into alternating motion, through the steel wire rope to drive the hammer bit to do up-and-down motion. With the impact effect of the hammer bit's free failing, to break the soil, sand, gravel or rock into pieces, and then use the slag tube or mud pump to clean the slag out of the hole.


The drilling rig is mainly used in pile driving for photovoltaic Solar power station , pile driving for Highway guardrail, highway guardrail construction engineering construction, etc.


Technical performance Parameter
Dimension(M) 9.30*2.50*3.10m
Vehicle transportation size(M) 9.30*2.25*2.80m
Container transport dimensions(M) split1 4.80*2.25*2.30m
split2 9.30*0.85*1.05m
Weight(kg) 9500kg
Drill diameter(mm) 300-1850mm
Drill depth(M) 300m(when the diameter is 600mm)
Maximum weight of drill tools(kg) 5000kg
Drill tools selection Stratum hardness≤1000kp hollow boring bit
Stratum hardness≥1000kp solid-crown bit
Drill tools stroke(mm) 850mm、700mm
Impact frequency(times/min) 38-42times/min
Electric Motor parameters Model YL280M2-6,engine power 55kw
The mast height(M) single mast 8.5m、9.5m;double mast 12.5m
Mast loading capacity(kg) 50000kg
Traction Driving speed (km/h) 30km/h
Hoist lifting capacity(N) front winch 20096N
Back winch 68357N
Specification and capacity of winding drum rope(M) front winding drum 6×37s φ18 200-250(levorotation)
Back winding drum 6×19s+IWRC 200-300(levorotation)
Wheel specification Tire specifications 7.50-20
Rim Specification 20×7


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