HFG-54 Integrated DTH Drilling Rig

Drilling Diameter: 80-138mm
Engine Power:Cummins 194kW
Air pressure:17bar
Rotary Torque :2479N.m


  • 1 Using its single power to drive the screw air compressor and the hydraulic system of the drilling rig at the same time, compared with the split drilling rig, the comprehensive fuel consumption is 35% energy saving, and the maintenance cost is reduced by 50%
  • 2The core hydraulic components are imported from Europe. The reliable hydraulic system greatly reduces the workload of system maintenance and is convenient and practical
  • 3Powerful two-speed hydraulic walking mechanism, strong off-road capability, high-torque slewing motor can easily deal with stuck pipe
  • 44.The two-stage dry dust collector is environmentally friendly and also helps to improve production efficiency; integrated technology solves the problems of engineering and mine air compressor movement and remote management.



Model HFG-54
Rated power Cummins 194kW
DTH hammer 4"
Drilling diameter φ80-127mm (φ80-138mm)
Drill rod specification φ76mm
Air displacement 16m3/min
Air pressure 17bar
Rotary torque 2,479N.m
Max. Lifting force 40kN
Walking speed high: 3km/h low: 2km/h
Climbing ability 25º
Track swing angle ±14º
Total weight 11,300kg


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