HFGA-44+ DTH Surface Blast Hole Drill Rig

Drilling Diameter: 90-138 mm
Engine Power: Cummins 194kW
Traveling Speedr:3km/h
Rotary Torque: 2800N.m

product Introduction

Adopts two-stage compression air compressor with excellent energy efficiency and 2800n.m large torque rotary head to realize fast rock drilling with high wind pressure. It has excellent fuel economy performance and is more energy saving and environmental friendly.

The light weight and compact size are very convenient for transferring between construction sites and steps, and are suitable for blasting holes, pre-holes, shock absorption holes and ultra-deep holes in quarries and quarries.



Main technical specifications HFGA-44+
Engine Cummins 194kw@2,000rpm
DTH hammer 3.5"/4"
Drilling hole diameter φ90-138mm
Storage bit quantity 6+1
Drill pipe specifications φ68/76mmx3,500mm
Maximum operating torque 2,800N.m
F.A.D exhaust air. 16m³/min
Maximum working pressure 20 bar
Max. lifting force 31kN
Max. walking speed 3km/h
Climbing ability 25º
The crawler frame swings ±10º
Weight 13,500kg


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