HFPV-1M Photovoltaic Solar Pile Drilling Rig

Impact Frequency: 450-800bpm
Work Pressure:130-150bar
Engine Power:88kW

product Introduction

HFPV-1M solar drilling rig, using new type of hydraulic technology, convenient for hole transfer. The drilling machine structure is compact,.while the mast has adjustable compensation function, when drilling, the mast supported on the ground, borehole stability is good. The machine hydraulic pressure can be adjusted according to different soil textures, so as to achieve the appropriate impact power for pile driving, it is a new type of pile driver.


The drilling rig is mainly used in pile driving for photovoltaic Solar power station , pile driving for Highway guardrail, highway guardrail construction engineering construction, etc.


Impact frequency     450--800bpm
Impact 1000j
Work pressure 130---150bar
Once promotion 4100mm
Max. ramming length 6000mm
Skid pitch 95°
Boom swing angle 110°
Boom pitch 30°
Swinging angle of skid left and right total 40°
Host power 88kW
Climb ability 35°
Dimension(L*W*H) 6240*2250*3000mm
Weight 7350kg
Walk speed 0--2.5km/h
Note: The Company’s products continued to improve, various design and technical specifications may change at any time, without any additional notice or obligation.


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