HFQ45 DTH drilling rig sent to Sierra Leone

2022-04-19 10:25:17
HFQ45 crawler hydraulic drilling rig adopts new hydraulic technology, low air consumption, large rotating torque, and convenient hole shifting. The drilling rig has a compact structure, and at the same time the propelling carriage has a telescopic compensation function. The carriage is supported on the ground when drilling, and the drilling stability is good. The HFQ45 drilling rig has reliable performance and high drilling efficiency. The drilling speed of the drilling rig on medium-hard rocks is 1~2 times that of the low-pressure drilling rig, which is a favorable guarantee for the construction unit to reduce costs and improve efficiency.
The drilling rig is mainly used for blasting rock drilling in open-pit mine mining, water conservancy, power station, road construction and other stone works.
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