HFQ65 Crawler DTH Drilling Rig

Drilling Diameter: 115-150mm
Drilling Depth:down 65m
Engine Power:56kW
Rotary Torque:3200N.m

product Introduction

HFQ65 high air pressure DTH drill crawler open with a low energy consumption, high efficiency, easy to transport and field construction superior technical performance, vehicle movement organizations from the hydraulic system to achieve, and only washed the source of the wind machine consumption, resulting in Air Machine Matching saves in a complete set of equipment procurement costs.

Rotary organizations to adopt a new dual-motor turret to make it to the open-air blast drilling operations when drilling large holes to maintain a strong rotary torque output, dragging air compressor, it has the mobile and flexible and climbing ability, suitable for rugged venue operations, perforation shift convenience features.

Whole diameter 105-165mm, with a piercing, high efficiency, Maintenance is simple, high reliability, is a mining, highway, water conservancy, power station construction and other construction ideal for drilling rig operations.



 Wind pressure(Mpa) 1.2-2.46
 Air consumption(m³/min) 10-20
Drilling diameter(mm) 115-150
Drilling depth(m) down 65m
Once promotion distance(mm) 3000
Drill diameter(mm) 76
Skid compensation(mm) 1200
Maximum lift force(N) 26000
Guide shell pitch (°) up and down total 100
Guide shell swing angle(°) Left and right total 100
Boom lift angle(°) up and down total 70
Boom swing angle(°) 70
Grade ability(°) 30
Chassis ground clearance(mm) 300
Travelling speed(Km/h) 0-2.5
Back to the transit speed(r/min) 0-90
Rotary torque(N.m) 3200
Host Power(kw) 56


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