HFT220 Truck Mounted Water Well Drilling Rig

Drilling Diameter: 115-350mm
Drilling Depth:220m
Rotary Torque:4000N.m


  • 1 HFT220 truck mounted drilling rigs. It adopts truck mounted and is rotary drilling rig. It has a high efficiency because of having a larger torque of turntable,it is mainly used for water well construction, national defense building foundation, geological exploration, geothermic well and other foundation working. It is popular with domestic and foreign clients.


Model HFT220
Drilling diameter (mm) 115~350
Drilling depth (m) 220
Work Pressure(Mpa) 1.05~2.46
Consumption (m³/min) 16~30
Drill pipe length (m) 3
Drill pipe diameter (mm) 76/89
Grade ability (°) 25
Footage efficiency(m/h) 5~20
Main volume system
Lifting power (N) 3400
Speed up (m/min) 50
Decreasing (m/min) 96
Feed systems
Axle pressure (N) 40820
Lifting power (N) 68040
Slow up (m/min) 8
Slow forward (m/min) 16
Fast rise (m/min) 26
Fast forward (m/min) 48
Rotary torque (Nm) 4000
Rotary speed 0~130


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