Reaming Shell

Diameter: BQ, NQ, PQ, HQ
Net Weight:0.9-3.42kg
Serial No.:3-19

product Introduction

The reaming shell is an extremely important structural component in the wire-line core drilling tools, which has the functions of righting, diameter maintaining and reaming. The unique spiral carcass design of the reamer can increase the contact with the borehole wall, enhance the drilling stability, and reduce the shaking during drilling. Our reamer can be used with core pipes of various specifications, with high wear resistance and long service life. We can provide Q series (NQ, PQ, BQ, HQ) and domestic size specifications, or customized production according to customer' needs.


Size Units Serial No. Net weight
PQ piece 19-16 3.42kg
HQ piece 19-11 2.3kg
NQ piece 19-4 1.42kg
BQ piece 19-2 1kg
NTW piece 19-4 1.3kg
BTW piece 19-3 0.9kg


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