HF-8A Percussion Drilling Rig

Drilling Diameter: 300-2250mm
Drilling Depth:300m
Engine Power:75kW
Traveling Speed:30km/h


  • 1All components are installed in the trailer, like electric motor, drive motor, hoist, mast etc. It is convenient for transportation.
  • 2Use the crank link mechanism to change the power's gyration motion into alternating motion, through the steel wire rope to drive the hammer bit to do up-and down motion.
  • 3Best choice for a large diameter drilling project.
  • 4It is easy to operate, two workers will be enough.


Mainly for foundation, construction piling, water well and borehole. It applies to various geological conditions.


Technical performance Parameter
Dimensions(M) 9.30*2.50*3.15m
Vehicle transportation size(M) 9.30*2.25*2.83m
Container transport dimensions(M) split1 5.15*2.25*2.32m
split2 9.30*0.85*1.05m
Weight(kg) 10500kg
Drill diameter(mm) 300-2250mm
Drill depth(M) 300m(when the diameter is 600mm)
Maximum weight of drill tools(kg) 7000kg
Drill tools selection Stratum hardness≤1000kp hollow boring bit
Stratum hardness≥1000kp solid-crown bit
Drill tools stroke(mm) 850mm、700mm
impact frequency(times/min) 36-40times/min
Electric Motor parameters Model YL280M2-6, Engine power 75KW
The mast height(M) single mast 8.5m、9.5m;double mast 12.5m
Mast loading capacity((kg) 50000kg
traction Driving speed (km/h) 30km/h
Hoist lifting capacity(N) front winch 20096N
Back winch 108750N
Specification and capacity of winding drum rope(M) front winding drum 6×37s φ18 200-250(levorotation)
Back winding drum 6×19s+IWRC 200-400(levorotation)
Wheel specification Tire specifications 7.50-20
Rim Specification 20×7


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