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F Series Mud Pump

Rated Power: 373-969kw
Rated Pump Speed:120-165SPM

product Introduction

F-series mud structure strong, compact, small size, use the performance good, adapt to the oil field high pump pressure, large displacement and drilling technological requirements. F series wet slurry pump has a long stroke and can be used at a low stroke to effectively improve the water-feeding performance of the mud pump, extend the life of vulnerable parts at the hydraulic end, and achieve the best buffering effect in the suction line. F series pump power end adopts forced lubrication and splash lubrication, reliable lubrication, increase the power end of the month life. This series of pumps are widely used in oil fields and other industrial and mining enterprises, drilling, workover and other operations. The f-1000 is mainly adapted to 20-32 drilling RIGS. This series pumps are in strict accordance with APISPEC7K& LT;& lt;Specification for drilling rig and workover equipment & GT;& gt;Production, and in accordance with the standard for factory testing.


Model F500 F800 F1000 F1300
Rated Input Power (hp/KW) 500 /373 800 /597 1000 /746 1300 /969
Rated Pump Speed (SPM) 165 150 140 120
Stroke Length (in /mm) 7.5” /190.5 9”/228.6 10”/254 12”/305
Gear Ratio 4.286 4.185 4.207 4.206
Inlet Dia. (in/mm) 8”/203 10”/254 12”/305 12”/305
Outlet Dia. (in) 4” Flange 5000psi 5-1/8”Flange 5000psi 5-1/8”Flange 5000psi 5-1/8”Flange 5000psi
Valve API5# API6# API6# API7#
Max. Liner (in/mm) 6-3/4”/170 6-3/4”/170 6-3/4”/170 7”/180
Overall Dimension L*W*H (mm) 3658*2709*2231 3963*3025*2410 4267*3167*2580 4617*3260*2600
Approx. Weight (kg) 9770 14500 18790 24572


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