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BW1200/7 Mud Pump

Stroke: 270mm


  • 1Convenient operation, suitable displacement, less wearing parts and long service life.
  • 2The displacement and pressure of mud pump can be changed through replacing the cylinder liner and piston with different diameters.
  • 3Connecting rod is connected with crankshaft bearing, rolling friction reduces power loss and improves service life of pump.
  • 4The connecting rod adopts integral casting, strong bearing capacity and easy to disassemble.


BW-1200/7 mud pump is a horizontal double-cylinder double-acting piston reciprocating pump. It can be used for geological drilling of deep water wells with the depth of about 1500 meters and deeper cores. It can send flushing fluid (mud or clear water) into the hole when drilling a well for workover. It can also be used for delivering slurry in drilling mud pumping stations.


Type Horizontal double cylinder reciprocating double action piston pump
Stroke 270mm
Pump speed 70times/min
Cylinder diameter 160mm 150mm
Flow 1200L/min 1000L/min
Pressure 7MPa 8MPa
Power 185kw
Dimension 3045*1440*2420
Weight 7200kg


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