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BW850 Mud Pump

Stroke: 180/260mm

product Introduction

BW850 mud pump is a lightweight grouting machine. The pump is a horizontal double-cylinder double-acting reciprocating piston pump. The mud pump is mainly used to feed flushing fluid into the hole during geological drilling. It can be used with large-diameter drilling rigs with a depth of 200-800 meters, which can improve drilling efficiency and drilling quality.


  • 1Compact structure, small volume, durable service.
  • 2Easy operation, reliable performance, standard & general parts.
  • 3Uniform flow and low pressure fluctuations.
  • 4Good disassembly, easy maintenance and relocation.


It can be applied to the geological exploration and engineering exploration of railways, water conservancy, metallurgy, construction, geology, foundation plugging, grouting, etc. This slurry pump is used to provide flushing fluid in the borehole during geophysical exploration, and supply the flushing fluid to holes in the working rock of a working geological rig.


Model BW850/2 BW850/5
Type Horizontal double cylinder reciprocating double action piston pump
Stroke(mm) 180 260
Pump speed(times/min) 82 58 66
Flow(L/min) 850 600 850 600 350
Pressure(MPa) 2.0 3.0 5.0 6.0 8.0
Cylinder diameter(mm) 150 140 130 95
Outlet pipe diameter(mm) 64 64
Inlet pipe diameter(mm) 127 152
Power(kw) 37 90
Dimension(mm) 2000*1030*1400 3018*1120*2050
Weight(kg) 1500 3100


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